Sunday, January 29, 2017

Useful Commands for VERITAS VCS/VOM

VCS Main Configuration File :-


How to get read-write(rw) mode to  :-

haconf -makerw

To get Read-only (ro) :- 

haconf -dump -makero

How to stop the cluster /vcs:-

hastop -all              > To stop on all nodes
hastop -local          > To stop just on local node

hastop -all -force   > To stop Forcefully

How to offline a Service group :-

hagrp -offline <SG> -any

How to online  a Service group :-

hagrp -online <sg> -sys <sysname>

How to switch a Service group :-

hagrp -switch <sg> -to -sys <nodename>

How to Freeze/Unfreeze  Service Groups in VCS :-

we have 2 options :- Persistent and temporary

The option -persistent enables the freeze to be remembered when the cluster is rebooted.
The option -Temporary is just for temporary change . it wont apply after reboot .

To freeze a service group :- 

hagrp -freeze service_group [-persistent]

To unfreeze a service group 

hagrp -unfreeze service_group [-persistent]

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