Sunday, December 11, 2016

How to login with other user from VMware work station ?

Lets assume below is the screen which you get by default . In below example its linux-vm user . what if you want login with other user ?

As showed in below screen press down arrow to go to other tab . And then press enter key .

You will get below screen .

Then enter your user name . In below screen i am logging as user "root". Then press enter key .

Then it will prompt for password .

Give your password accordingly . If your not sure about password check here  on How to change password.

Ignore the below error and close it .

Now you can see below your able to login the server.

Then you  can do right click and enter open in terminal as showned below .

Below you can see the terminal was opened .


Please do comment below for any queries , will get back to you soon .

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