Thursday, December 8, 2016

How to confgiure LInux vitrual server

You can download vmware work station from below URL .

Click here  to download >>  VMware work station

Once  you get the download file open it and install accordingly.

simply double click on below download file and follow instructions .

After you install the VMware work station  it will ask you for license key or you can use it for 30 days free trail version.

After you install the vmware work station this is how it will looks like . In order to create a virtual machine you need to have a Linux image which will available for free (you can download it from

(You can contact us  if you need linux image.we will provide the download link for free).

click on create a new virtual machine and add your  linux image .

you can configure with Typical/Custom one .Typical is it will take auto size like memory/disk. Custom means we can specify how much memory /harddisk we would like to allocate .

Browse your image location and click next.

you can specify full name , username and credentials. In below example i created "linuxtechnotes" user

you can specify the your server name . In below example its Linux-vm.

you can specify what ever harddisk size you want  and then click on next . usually 2-10G is more than enough for testing perpous.

once you finish with configuration it will auto power on the server. you can see below for the same.

After installation is done it will prompt to login . You can login with credentials which we were given earlier .

once you login will get below screen .

In order to get the terminal you can do right click and click on  open in terminal

now you can see you got the server terminal .

If you have any difficulties while configuring the server please do comment below . Will get back to you soon .