Friday, November 25, 2016

If your new to Linux/Unix and would like to know some basics follow the below topics which covers most of the basic topics . For All other technical stuff check under Linux tab

DAY:- 1
DAY :- 2
DAY :- 3
DAY:- 4

  How To Scan New Disks In Linux ?
  How to Add New Disk to Linux Virtual server ?  
  How to  Create a Filesystem in Linux ?(Pv/Vg/Lv Create) ?
  How to Extend a filesystem ?(Pv/Vg/Lv extend) ?
  How To Check FileSystem Usage ?

Day :- 6

How to Create soft link and hard link ?And its Difference ?
How to use Tail,Head,More,less Commands ?
How to Delete Files/Directories/Users and Groups ?

Day :-7

How to copy files within the server in Linux ?
How to copy files B/w the 2 different servers ?
SCP command examples ?
Rsync Command Examples ?

Day :- 8

How to check Memory/Cpu utilization ?
How to check Disk performance using Iostat Commands ?
How to check Connection B/w two servers ?
How to Capture the Packets ? (tcpdump command examples) ?

Day :- 9

Examples of traceroute,Telent and Netstat Commands ?
Ulimit configuration(nofile/nproc) in Linux?
How To Setup CronJob in Linux ?
Usage of Rpm/Yum Commands ?

Day:- 10

Find Command examples ?
DNS Configuration ?
Ping/Nslookup Command examples ?
How To Differentiate b/w  Virtual and Physical server ?

        (..........TO be Continued)

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